We have two primary companies we work with for financing. Please make sure you apply with the correct one to prevent having to reapply with the other; if you have a very strong, well established credit score and little debt Lending USA offers pet financing with 0% interest for 6 months but require a minimum of $1,000 financed. If your credit is questionable, higher amount of debt or if your desired finance amount is less than $1,000 than My Pet Funding is the way to go! Apply online below. It only takes a couple of minutes and you will get an instant decision! Approvals can be used in store or over the phone immediately and take your new pet home TODAY (assuming you have any required permits in hand).

For easier approvals, click here! - My Pet Funding

For lower interest rates, click here! - Lending USA


We require $100 or 25% which ever is greater to start the layaway process and you have 30 days to pay off the remainder in full. Layaway is non refundable. Since the animal is considered sold once deposit is made any money paid is NON refundable for any reason to help prevent impulsive purchases. This means on day 31 if the animal has not been paid in full you are forfeiting any payments already made as well as the animal. Layaway is only offered on animals costing $300 or more. If you would like to place an animal on layaway you must first apply for financing and be declined through the lender. There is fee for feeding, rent and general care during a layaway agreement. Come by the store for more information.