Pan Handle Exotics

We have red fox and arctic fox available each spring. Quantities are very limited so we highly recommend reserving one ahead of time.

Red's, Silver, Amber - $650

Marbled Red - $750

Arctic's - $750 - $999.99

Fennec Fox - $3,250

We are currently taking deposits for next seasons babies.

Shipping is available to any legal state. The shipping cost for fox is an additional $325 to cover pet taxi and airfare. If you need a health certificate or if you are shipping an older, larger skunk additional fees may apply. If you are purchasing multiple babies we can sometimes ship them together to save you on the shipping cost! Shipping costs are subject to change at any time, they are set by the current airline rates.

Standard Health Guarantee

Check with your local Fish and wildlife to ensure they are legal in your area. Some states such as FL require a free permit. If you don't have your permit in hand when your pet is ready we can board it for a small fee until your permit arrives. This will ensure you get the pet of your choice and don't miss out causing you to wait until the following year when more are available. For more information come by the store or call at (850)542-4410. If you are in Florida we are happy to assist with the application process once a pet has been reserved. If you plan on picking up in person from our store you MUST have a current Fl permit to take possession of the animal, even if you live in another state not requiring a permit. The Florida permit is free to get but can take 2 - 6 weeks to receive. If you live in a legal state other than Fl we suggest shipping it to your nearest major airport to avoid this hassle. Not legal in AL.