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Sugar gliders are a nocturnal marsupial. They crave attention and bond for life with the new owners. They are great pets but require much time and dedication. We offer several colors of sugar gliders, as well as sugar glider foods, treats, toys, supplements, cages and kits!

Grey (standard) - $224.99

White Face Blonde - $299.99

Color Morphs - $599 +

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Facts & Physical Features

Sugar gliders originate from Australia, Indonesia and Tasmania.

Sugar gliders are a marsupial possum.

They will get 5" - 6" long with a 5" - 6" long tail and weigh 4 - 5 ounces.

They can live 12 - 15 years in captivity.

The Basics

Do not use an aquarium they require a wire cage for proper space as well as ventilation.

Sugar gliders love to be active so providing a wheel they will get hours of enrichment.

Use pouches, hammocks and perches through out the cage to give places to sleep, hide, play and jump.

Provide enrichment by providing toys, bells, etc. to occupy their time.

When bringing your sugar glider home, use a bonding pouch to help acquire a bond and build trust with your new pet. Another great trick is to take your shirt (with no cologne or perfume) and cut into small squares.... Put a square in the pouch and the rest in a zip lock bag. Change the square out every night or so this will help the gliders to get used to your scent.

When bringing home your new joey start out with a smaller sized cage to prevent them from getting hurt during a missed jump, etc. As they mature you will need to increase to a larger size cage.

We offer a great starter / transitional cage for gliders that works as both a small starter and a medium sized cage. Once they reach maturity you will want a large cage, the taller the better.


* Let me start this section off by saying there is a LOT of controversy regarding the proper husbandry of a sugar glider, especially when it comes to their diet. There is NOT one perfect solution that works for everyone.

Many people use long, dramatic recipes saying to freeze this, mix this powder, etc. You couldn't pay me to do this. This is not to say these diets are wrong, but I believe there are FAR better ones!

We have tried different things throughout the years and have decided to stick with what's worked best for us for a few years now, and our "mentor" before us has used the same diet for 20 years with great success!!!

We start with a premium staple food, this is left in the cage 24/7 so it is always accessible. In the late evening we give fresh (not frozen as most so-called diets use) fruits & vegetables, a ratio of 60%. We alternate what we use to prevent boredom as well as ensuring to give the proper vitamins naturally. We do supplement with glider booster.

Another great way of adding extra vitamins and minerals are monkey biscuits, some gliders love them and others not so much. For stubborn gliders that don't like them you can try soaking them in juice or even blending them into a powder and sprinkling over the food!

We also suggest occasionally offering yogurt as a treat. This is great because not only does it supplement calcium most yogurts (make sure it says contains live active cultures) are a great source of probiotics!

Other great sources of protein are crickets and meal worms but due to the high fat content don't give more then 1 or 2 per day.

You can use a small amount of lean, cooked, de-boned meat or poultry.

Are sugar gliders legal in your area?

Alabama - Legal

Alaska - Illegal

Arizona - Legal

Arkansas - Legal

California - Illegal

Colorado - Legal

Connecticut - Unknown

Delaware - Legal

Florida - Legal

Georgia - Legal, but MUST be purchased from USDA licensed facility.

Hawaii - Illegal

Idaho - Legal

Illinois - Legal

Indiana - Legal

Iowa - Legal

Kansas - Unknown

Kentucky - Legal

Louisiana - Legal

Maine - Unknown

Maryland - Legal

Massachusetts - Illegal

Michigan - Legal

Minnesota - Legal, banned in St Paul.

Mississippi - Legal

Missouri - Legal

Montana - Unknown

Nebraska - Unknown

Nevada - Legal

New Hampshire - Unknown

New Jersey - Unknown

New Mexico - Illegal

New York - Legal, except in the 5 boroughs of New York City.

North Carolina - Legal

North Dakota - Legal

Ohio - Legal

Oklahoma - Legal

Oregon - Legal

Pennsylvania - Legal, permit required.

Rhode Island - Legal

South Carolina - Legal

South Dakota - Legal

Tennessee - Legal

Texas - Legal

Utah - Legal, with yearly permit. Banned in Salt Lake county.

Vermont - Unknown

Virginia - Legal

Washington - Legal

West Virginia - Legal

Wisconsin - Legal

Wyoming - Legal

Washington, D.C. - Legal

* These are subject to change. It is the buyers responsibility to contact your local fish & wildlife to verify before purchasing your new pet.

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