Sugar Gliders

Pan Handle Exotics

Common Name: Sugar Glider

Scientific Name: Petaurus Breviceps

General Information: Sugar Gliders originate from the rainforests of Australia and Indonesia.

They are nocturnal animals and will wake up around dinner time. The average lifespan is 12 - 15 years. Adult size is approximately 6.3" - 7.5" plus the tail.

Sugar Gliders must bond with you however, once they bond with you its for life! In most cases Sugar Gliders do best in pairs or small colonies.

Diet: There is much debate on the appropriate diet for sugar gliders so what works for one person might not be what the next goes by. we have "tweaked" our diet over the years to one we are very happy with. We give a staple diet of Exotic Nutrition Sugar Glider Diet with Eucalyptus and Papaya and monkey biscuits which we carry both in store. At night we offer fresh fruit, vegetables, protein and a few times a week one teaspoon of yogurt per glider (don't use a low fat which will have aspartame or other sugar substitutes).


Standard Grey $225

White Face Blonde $299.99

Carmel $299.99

Mosaic's, Leucistic's, Cremeino's, call for current pricing.

Availability: Sugar Gliders typically breed throughout the year, come by the store or give us a call at (850) 542-4410 to see if we have babies ready now!

Permit Information: No permit is required in the state of Florida. Each state has different laws. If you live outside the state of Florida check with your local Fish & Wildlife first to ensure the animal is legal and obtain any required permit before hand. For species requiring a permit in Florida, we offer free assistance to Florida residents once the animal has been reserved!

Shipping: Can this animal be shipped? Yes! If you are unable to pickup at our store in Pensacola, Florida we are able to ship to your nearest major airport!

Financing: Financing is NOT required however, financing is available for any purchase totaling $300 or more before tax if desired. This can be used for both the animal and supplies! If you are interested in financing you can apply online at for instant approval!

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