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Hedgehogs are a great family pet that do well with young children. They are very easy to care for as long as they don't get too cold and stay very docile if handled regularly. We raise several colors including salt and pepper, cinnamon, apricot, albino, pintos and more! All of our hedgehogs are just one price with the exception of a few rarer colors or markings such as split face or leucistic.


Standard Health Guarantee

Facts & Physical Features

* Hedgehog's are a mammal. The subclass is Eutheria

* Hedgehog's do NOT have quills, they have spines

* They are a small animal only growing to an average 6" and have spines that are 1/2" - 1" long

* A hedgehog's spine is a hollow hair hardened with keratin

* A hedgehog has 5000 - 6500 spines

* They are capable of running in short bursts up to 6 feet per second

* Most hedgehog's are good swimmers

* An average hedgehog weights 1/2lb - 1 1/4 lbs

* Hedgehog's teeth do not continuously grow like rodents so there is no need to gnaw on wood, etc.

* A baby hedgehog is a hoglet

* Hedgehog's are nocturnal

The Basics

Hedgehog's are great pets but need to have certain requirements met with good husbandry.

Make sure to give your new hedgehog ample space to move around. We have some great cages at unbeatable prices which are available in store or can be shipped to your home! Line it with a layer of bedding so your pet can burrow down in it. Stay away from cedar. It can cause respiratory problems. If you want to use a wood based product use pine or aspen. Another acceptable bedding is shredded paper as long as it's mostly dust free.

Be sure to keep your pets home cleaned up and free of any waste. Hedgehog's are easily litter trained and this will help cut down on the frequency of cleaning the entire enclosure as well. Be sure to use a good pellet litter such as Blue or another similar one. Do NOT use clay or clumping cat litter it can get impacted on the animal's genital areas.

Make sure you provide a hide for your pet. They do NOT like to be in the open at all time's, they need to feel protected. One of the best ways to provide this is with an igloo.


Hedgehog's in the wild are primarily insectivores. They eat almost anything moving that will fit in there mouth even a small snake. In captivity you need to provide a good quality diet. Unfortunately the manufactured hedgehog foods are simply a reformulated guinea pig diet. This is NOT recommended. There is a LOT of controversy between different breeders regarding what is the appropriate food. We have had a lot of success using our own special blend so we highly recommend it for your new family member. You can find out more about it or purchase it here. It is a complete all in one hedgehog food mixing a combination of cat foods, vitamins & mealworms. If you purchase your hedgehog from us this is what he or she will be used to eating. Always make sure your hedgehogs food contains 20% - 30% crude protein, less then 10% fat and no BHA. We recommend 1 - 3 tablespoons of food per night. Below is a list of fruits and vegetables you can use if you wish to supplement your hedgehog's diet.


Apples, Banana, Melon, Peach, Pear, Plum, Cherries, Strawberries, Blueberries

* Remove the skin from berries if possible to prevent a possible choking hazard


Carrots, Corn (in small amounts), Sweet Potato's, Squash, Dandelion Greens, Peppers (Green, Yellow or Red Bell Peppers), Asparagus, Green Beans, Cucumber, Spinach, Zucchini, Broccoli

Lean Cooked Meats

Chicken, Turkey, Beef or Pork

Mind Enrichment

Hedgehog's are very solitary animals and typically prefer it this way however they will need some stimulation and mind enrichment. Make sure to give your hedgehog plenty of attention, this will keep him/her socialized and encourage him/her to feel more comfortable around you. Since there will always be times your away, keep some toys available for your friend. Some great ideas are small whiffle balls with treats placed inside, empty toilet paper tube (be sure to cut it all the way down to prevent getting stuck) and small cat toys or ferret toys will sometimes work well. Without a doubt the most important toy to provide is a wheel. Your pet can and will run nonstop throughout the night. This is a great way of providing exercise to prevent obesity and improve overall health.



The ears shouldn't be tattered or rugged looking, this is a sign of mites. Mites can be treated using Revolution for kittens. 1 or 2 drops should be sufficient. Ask your vet to determine the proper dose. To prevent mites be very careful of the bedding you choose. If using a wood based bedding make sure it is kiln dried pine or aspen only.

Bathing & Nails

Hedgehog's can't clean themselves so you'll have to help. Using a pair of tweezers remove any substrate caught in the spines. Then using a toothbrush gently bath your pet going with the spines. Your pets nails are also going to need some attention. You can either trim them using a small pair of clippers or put a brick, landscaping rock, etc. in the habitat which will help file them down as your pet plays.

Respiratory Infection

Always pay attention to your pet for signs of illness. The nose should be dry or slightly moist with no signs of discharge, similar to a dog's nose. If the nose is unusually runny or making a wheezing noise they might have a respiratory infection. This will need to be treated with antibiotics so go to your vet immediately so it can be taken care of before it gets worse.


The ideal temperature for a hedgehog is 74 - 82. Any warmer and they will begin to lay down and pant having difficulty breathing. Any cooler and your hedgehog can attempt hibernation, which can be fatal! If you hedgehog becomes lethargic, unsteady or wobbly, or decreased appetite, it is probably trying to hibernate. You can usually confirm this by checking to see if the stomach is cool to the touch. Try warming him up with a heating pad on low or heated towels wrapped around him. You can warm towels up by placing them in the drier for a few minutes. Do not bath your hedgehog to warm them up, this can cause them to go into shock.

Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome

WHS or Wobbly hedgehog syndrome is a degenerative, neurological disease similar to multiple sclerosis in humans. There is currently no known cure although there are some treatments to extend and increase the quality of life. We guarantee against WHS in our hedgehogs, for life.

Signs of good health

* Eye's should not be dull, sunk in or have discharge

* The nose should be moist like a dog's but no discharge

* The ears should be clean and not tattered

* Look over the belly and skin and make sure there are no bumps, etc. This can be a sign of mites

* Breathing should be normal with no wheezing

* Green feces is a sign or stress or illness

Are hedgehogs legal in your area?

Alabama - Unsure

Alaska - Legal

Arizona - Legal, but have specific enclosure requirements.

Arkansas - Legal

California - Illegal

Colorado - Legal

Connecticut - Legal

Delaware - Legal

Florida - Legal

Georgia - Illegal, unless your USDA licensed breeder selling OUT of the state.

Hawaii - Illegal

Idaho - Legal

Illinois - Legal

Indiana - Legal

Iowa - Legal

Kansas - Legal

Kentucky - Legal

Louisiana - Legal

Maine - Legal

Maryland - Legal

Massachusetts - Legal

Michigan - Legal

Minnesota - Legal

Mississippi - Legal

Missouri - Legal

Montana - Legal

Nebraska - Legal, except Douglas county.

Nevada - Legal

New Hampshire - Legal

New Jersey - Legal

New Mexico - Legal

New York - Legal, except the 5 boroughs of New York City.

North Carolina - Legal

North Dakota - Legal

Ohio - Legal

Oklahoma - Legal

Oregon - Legal

Pennsylvania - Illegal

Rhode Island - Legal

South Carolina - Legal

South Dakota - Legal

Tennessee - Legal

Texas - Legal

Utah - Legal

Vermont - Legal

Virginia - Legal

Washington - Legal

West Virginia - Legal

Wisconsin - Legal

Wyoming - Legal

Washington, D.C. - Legal

* These are subject to change. It is the buyers responsibility to contact your local fish & wildlife to verify before purchasing your new pet.

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