Marmoset Monkeys

Pan Handle Exotics

Common Name: Marmoset Monkeys

Scientific Name: Callithrix Jacchus

General Information: Marmosets originate from South America.

They are AMAZING pets when paired with the right family. They do NOT do well with children. Marmosets are very fragile and can pickup germs / sickness easily so you must be diligent with hand washing and other general cleanliness when dealing with them. Marmosets bond for life and we want to ensure they are placed in forever homes so we are very strict when choosing who we will allow to purchase them. We don't require you have previous experience with them however, if you haven't taken the time to do your research before contacting us about them and know the general husbandry needs we will not sell them to you, no exceptions. The average lifespan is 12 - 14 years. Adult size is approximately is less than 1 lb.

Diet: Once weaned, Marmosets are fed a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, crickets, meal worms and other protein sources.

Price: $3,900

Availability: Marmosets typically breed throughout the year, come by the store or give us a call at (850) 542-4410 to see if we have babies ready now!

Marmosets are NOT KEPT IN STORE. They are only available by special appointment to an approved home that is child free once payment has been made in full.

Permit Information: A free class 3 permit is required in the state of Florida. Each state has different laws. If you live outside the state of Florida check with your local Fish & Wildlife first to ensure the animal is legal and obtain any required permit before hand. For species requiring a permit in Florida, we offer free assistance to Florida residents once the animal has been reserved!

Shipping: Can this animal be shipped? No. Primates must be picked up in person. It is illegal to ship a primate with the exception of adult primates going from zoo to zoo.

Financing: Financing is NOT required however, financing is available for any purchase totaling $300 or more before tax if desired. This can be used for both the animal and supplies! If you are interested in financing you can apply online at for instant approval!

Standard Health Guarantee