Pan Handle Exotics

Marmosets make amazing pets for the right families. Please make sure you do your research first if your interested in any primate especially a marmoset.

Marmosets do NOT do well with children. Once they hit maturity they will see your kids as a threat and attack them, any breeder or store that tells you different are lying to make a quick sale. Marmosets get sick VERY easy, something as simple as coming in contact with a common cold sore can easily kill them. If you are sick often, colds, flu, etc, or have children who are in school around other kids do not get a marmoset because chances are they won't live long.

Marmosets scent mark and have a very distinct odor. Cleaning 100% of the enclosure removing the odor will stress them out severely, in return they will scent mark even more.

Marmosets are the smallest species of primates however you are NOT buying a "finger monkey" The "finger monkey" is the pygmy marmoset which is almost impossible to find in the US and will cost you around $10k. With that being said, marmosets will reach approximately 1 lb as an adult so they are still very small, very cute monkeys.

Marmosets are full of personality, crave attention and love playtime. They do best in pairs or groups unless you are able to spend the majority of every day with them. The ideal family for a marmoset works at home or is self employed, etc. and able to have your marmoset with you throughout the day so they don't become bored and you can keep their mind stimulated. If you have kids or plan on having them in the next 15 years, wait until they are out of the house so they don't pose a threat to the monkey as competition.

The prices on marmosets vary (never dropping, constantly going up.) come by the store or call (850) 542-4410 to discuss getting you one if you feel it would be a good fit in your home. We do NOT keep Marmosets or Tamarins in store, they are available to approved homes by special order only.

Due to the delicate nature of primates and easy ability to get sick if not properly cared for once they have left our facility, there is NO guarantee on primates once picked up.

Check with your local FWC to ensure they are legal in your area. Some states such as FL require a free permit. If you don't have your permit in hand when your pet is ready we can board it for a small fee until your permit arrives. This will ensure you get the pet of your choice and don't miss out causing you to wait until the following year when more are available. For more information come by the store or call at (850)542-4410. If you are in Florida we are happy to assist with the application process once a pet has been reserved. This pet IS LEGAL in AL.