Sugar Glider Harness & Leash

Pan Handle Exotics

Feel more secure that you sugar glider will not jump off you and injure themself. This item is used both as a harness and a leash. Harness is a figure "8" type, with one slip knot loop that goes around the gliders torso area, and a second secured loop that goes around the chest. Both loops are adjustable.

Used as both a harness and a leash.

Flexible braided nylon leash with wooden bead.

Keeps your sugar glider within arms length.

Attaches to your shirt with a clip (included).

STEP#1 Slip loop A over the sugar gliders body, behind the front legs. Make sure loop A size can be changed with the movement of the leash. Loop A will be around the torso, behind the front legs.

STEP #2 Slip loop B over the head of your sugar glider, and around the chest.

STEP #3 Use loop A to tighten loop B around the chest.

STEP #4 Place your pet on your upper torso and clip alligator clip on your clothing.

Always supervise pets during use. Thoroughly inspect before use for correct functioning and loose strings.


Actual color and pattern may vary. If you need a specific color or pattern, call the store at (850) 542-4410 to verify we have the requested color in stock before placing your order.

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