Pet Transport

Terms of agreement and requirements

If you are purchasing your pet directly from Panhandle Exotics, any guarantee is the same as purchasing in store.

If you are transporting an animal from another breeder, store, etc., any guarantee is strictly between the seller and the buyer, period.

Requirements for transport

Our primary objective is to get all animals from origin to destination, safely, quickly, hassle free for both the shipper and recipient, and do so in a cost-effective manner. The following requirements will help us make this possible.

1. Each animal must be shipped with a taxi / carrier, which offers sufficient space to stand up, turn around, and lay down comfortably. The only exclusion is for small animals such as Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders, Hamsters, Tenrecs, Door Mice, Rats, STO's, and Degus, which will come with a free pet carrier, provided by us! Sugar Gliders and Possums must be shipped with a pouch to prevent stress. This must be provided by the shipper, or we have them available for purchase in store.

2. Each animal must have both a water bottle or bowl, and food bowl. The shipper must send enough food to cover the time in transit.

3. All animals must be in good health! If the animal is sickly, it will be denied transport, and no refund will be given. It is the seller's responsibility to ensure the health of the animal they are sending. If our transporter comes to you for a pickup and denies the transport due to the health or safety of the animal, that is your fault, not ours.

4. We hold multiple USDA (federal) permits, and several state permits, this means we are required to follow the laws. If you live in an illegal state, or the recipient lives in an illegal state, we can't transport it. It is your responsibility to ensure the animal is legal before booking transport. Please don't put us in that situation!

5. Don't misrepresent your animals. Unfortunately, this has happened in the past, including to us by other breeders. If you lie about the size, age, health, etc., to your customer and they refuse the animal, no refund will be given for transportation costs we incur. It will be your responsibility to pick up, from our store in Pensacola, Florida, or cover transport back to you in the event your purchaser rejects an animal.

6. Dog's and cats must have a current health certificate to cross state lines. Please have all paperwork ready and in hand before the transporter's arrival. They must also be current on all age-appropriate vaccinations.

7. If you have your own care instructions, USDA paper work, business card, etc., we are more than happy to send it along to your customer at no additional fee.

8. If the pet is coming directly from us, we will always, educate our customers on the care and husbandry of the pet. If this is a pet coming from another breeder, pet store, etc., we ask you to educate your own customers on feeding, husbadry, etc., so they are prepared to properly care for them.