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Although we are a full pet store, we are definitely not your typical pet store! We do carry some domestic species such as Ferrets, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Freshwater Fish, and Bunnies, however, our specialty is exotics! We work with and offer Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders, Kinkajous, Monkeys, Raccoons and so much more!

Are reptiles more your interest? We have you covered! We offer the largest selection of reptiles in the area!

We also have an expansive selection of supplies for reptiles, exotics and small animals!

Panhandle Exotics

37 Navy Blvd

Pensacola, Florida. 32507

(850) 542-4410

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We are a local, family owned and operated pet store, located in the beautiful Florida panhandle. We were established in 2012 when we first started our exotic breeding program, selling out of our home and at flea markets, and opened a small brick and mortar store in 2015.

Since opening, we have grown substantially over the years, and have went from setting up at a local flea market, to a beautiful, 4500 ft location.

We still have the same, non commercial, mom and pop store mentality and feel which focuses on customer service and ensuring the family will be the right match for the new companion, no matter what the species.

Many of the species we work with we personally raise ourselves, and others come from other USDA licensed breeders and zoos. Did you know without people like us many of these amazing species would be extinct? Such as Bettongs, Lemurs, Cotton Top Tamarins, New Guinea Singing Dogs, etc. All of which we personally have and provide through our store as well.

Although exotics are not a good fit for everyone, when paired with the appropriate family they can make amazing family members. We appreciate each and every guest that has entered our door regardless of the amount spent and we hope to continue serving the greater Pensacola, Florida area for many, many years to come! Be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter for exciting updates on new arrivals, upcoming events and much more! Simply enter your email address below!


37 N Navy Blvd

Pensacola, Florida 32507

(850) 542-4410


Tuesday - Friday, 12 - 6

Saturdays, 12 - 6

Sundays, 12 - 6

Mondays, Closed

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(850) 542-4410




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Pet transport available!

Although we welcome everyone to our store in person for pickup, we realize that isn't always an option. If you are unable to pickup from our facility in Pensacola, your pet can be transported to you!

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    Panhandle Exotics

    37 N Navy Blvd

    Pensacola, Florida 32507

    (850) 542-4410

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