Florida Permit

Florida Permit

Who needs it: Not all species require a permit in Florida, however, many do. If you are unsure if Florida requires a permit, come by the store or call us at (850) 542-4410.

Alabama laws are very different. You can not have rabies vectors, native species or invasive rodents. However, the species you can have such as primates, coatimundis, kinkajous, tenrecs, etc., do not require a permit! For other states, contact your local fish and game as each state is different.

Will I get approved?: Getting approved for a class 3 permit is rather simple so long as you meet the following requirements. You must be able to pass a background check. You must purchase from a licensed breeder which we are. You must be able to properly house the animal and care for them. The permit will ask you the minimum caging requirements, diet, etc. This is to ensure you are capable of properly caring for them. Fill out the application entirely. Do not skip questions, if you need help, ask us! Don't be lazy. If you are given multiple lines for an answer, use them!

Which permit do I need?: Most of the species we work with require a class 3 permit. With the exception of Capuchins, there is no experience required to obtain the permit. There are two permits to choose from. The free permit will protect you at your home, but no where else, and is species specific. This means if you already have this permit for one species such as a fox, you will need to reapply to get a different species such as a skunk.

The paid permit covers all class 3 species we work with (excluding Capuchins unless you have 1,000 documented hours of experience). It will protect you anywhere throughout the entire state of Florida, such as walking your pet, traveling throughout the state, etc.

How do I apply?

Step 1: Purchase the animal.

You are not allowed to leave the store taking possession of the animal until your permit is finalized, however, the first step required is to purchase the animal. This guarantees the pet is secured as your pet and will not be homed while you are waiting for the permit. Once you have purchased the animal, we recommend you come in and start the bonding process!

Step 2: Apply now!

The Florida application is now completely online. To apply, click here.

You will need our permit information to list on your application. Come by the store or call us at (850) 542-4410 for this. Please note, we do NOT give this out until you have reserved / paid for the animal.

Step 3: You will need to list the GPS coordinates of your home on the application. To find your GPS coordinates, CLICK HERE.

Step 4: Call them! This is the most crucial step! Unfortunately things can happen, applications get lost, etc., call and verify they received it!

Step 5: Be patient. It can take up to 8 weeks for the permit to be finalized. We do recommend during this process, the occasional call to FWC to check the progress. Once they approve your application you must log into FWC's website and "claim it." You can then print it off and you're ready for pickup! Be sure to make a copy and keep in your purse, wallet, car, etc., so should you ever get pulled over you can prove you are legal. Be sure to bring a copy with you to the store when picking up as we MUST have a copy of the permit to release the pet to you.

More Help: Still have questions? Once you have reserved your pet, we are happy to help! Come by the store or call us at (850) 542-4410. You can also contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife at (850) 488-6253