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At Panhandle Exotics, we are your Sugar Glider Super Store! Our Sugar Gliders are born and raised by us, as well as other USDA licensed breeders! Not only do we offer several colors of Sugar Gliders, we also carry cages, starter kits, toys, foods, supplements, treats, pouches, bonding bags, travel carriers, and so much more! Come check out our great selection! Can't pickup? We now own our own transport business for home delivery of your new pet! For information on our transport services, click here!

Common Name: Sugar Glider

Scientific Name: Petaurus Breviceps

General Information: Sugar Gliders originate from the rainforests of Australia and Indonesia.

They are nocturnal animals and will wake up around dinner time.

The average lifespan is 12 - 15 years. Adult size is approximately 6.3" - 7.5" plus the tail.

Sugar Gliders must bond with you however, once they bond with you its for life! Sugar Gliders do best in pairs or colonies. Diet: There is much debate on the appropriate diet for sugar gliders so what works for one person might not be what the next goes by. We have "tweaked" our diet over the years to one we are very happy with. We give a staple diet of Exotic Nutrition Sugar Glider Diet with Eucalyptus and Papaya and monkey biscuits which we carry both in store. At night we offer fresh fruit, vegetables, protein and a few times a week one teaspoon of yogurt per glider (don't use a low fat which will have aspartame or other sugar substitutes).

Price: Standard Grey,

One, $299.99

Two, $575

White Face Blonde,

One, $399.99

Two, $775

White Tip, $499.99

Cremino, $899.99

Mosaic, $899.99

Leucistic, $999.99

Ringtail, $999.99

Availability: Sugar Gliders are in store and ready now, get yours today! For any questions, come by the store or give us a call at (850) 542-4410

Permit Information: No permit is required in the state of Florida. Each state has different laws. If you live outside the state of Florida check with your local Fish & Wildlife first to ensure the animal is legal and obtain any required permit beforehand. For species requiring a permit in Florida, we offer free assistance to Florida residents once the animal has been reserved!

Financing: Financing is available if needed! $0.00 down, take your pet home today, and 90 days same as cash! For instant approval, CLICK HERE!

Pet Transport: Pet transportation is available if needed for this pet! It is not required, however, if you are unable to pickup in store, it is a great, time saving option. We offer transport up to 1,200 miles in any direction from our store! Need supplies? Not a problem! We offer free shipping of supplies, with any purchase of pet transport! Simply call the store, and we'll get you taken care of!

Before booking pet transportation, be sure to read our terms of agreement.

How to book pet transport?

Step One: Check out below. When checking out, choose the distance in miles your home is located from our store.

Step Two: Fill out our online transportation form so we have your delivery information. Simply, click here.

Step Three: We will contact you shortly to confirm your booking and get you added to our next route! We typically make one route with all deliveries per month.

What does the transport fee include:

* Shipping crate, which is yours to keep!

* Water & food bowl, which is yours to keep!

* Starter Food!

* Exceptional care by a qualified employee!

* Transportation, by a USDA licensed business, in a climate controlled, professional transport vehicle!

* We are fully licensed and insured!

* A stress free experience!

* A private number for you to contact at any time while your pet is in transit to check on the status, arrival time and more, giving you peace of mind!

Terms of agreement: Please note, all sales are final. You are purchasing a companion, not a product. This is a big commitment, and we ask you to do the research and be fully committed before checking out. Also, once an animal is sold or preordered, they are considered unavailable. This means if you purchase and change your mind, it can potentially cost the animal a fur-ever home, as even with preorders, quantity is limited, and once the number is reached, other potential adopters will be told no. Due to this, animals are not refundable or transferable.

Please read before checking out!

If you are wanting to pickup in store, simply choose your Sugar Glider and check out! If you need your Sugar Glider delivered, first, add you Sugar Glider to cart, then add the shipping feature to cart. Then proceed to check out.

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